Mirja Lakso is a Swedish artist, journalist and women’s rights activist that graduated from Skurup’s collage of Jazz 2008 and from the Journalist program at Tollare Folkhögskola 2019. She has been living and working as an artist and songwriter in New York, Vietnam and South Korea.

While being based in South Korea 2015-2016 Mirja Lakso studied Korean language at Kyung Hee University, wrote music for K-pop groups and television and performed live at different venues around Seoul. 2018 she released the single ”Want You Now” under her artist name Mira Lux.

2019 Mirja Lakso graduated the journalist program at Tollare Folkhögskola in Stockholm. During her studies she filmed in North Korea and focused on women’s rights in Eastern Europe, mainly in Moldova and Belarus. Recently she was published in Sweden’s biggest newspaper, Aftonbladet, with an article about women’s rights in Belarus.

Currently Mirja Lakso is working on a documentary about North Korea where she was filming in 2018 together with a documentary about Kosovo where she is now located.